Thursday, February 10, 2005

Happy Valentine Day...!!!

No Sweet Thoughts to forward,
No cute graphics to send,
Just A...CARING HEART saying...
Take Care Always.

Happy Valentine Day!

Do You Love Me Because I Am Beautiful,
Am I Beautiful Because You Love Me?

--- Oscar Hammerstein II, Cinderalla.

Will You Be My Valentine :-) ?

Will You Be My Valentine?
I Know That I Am Yours.
You Are Like A Tossing Aea
And I Am Like Your Shores.

You Are Like An Endless Wave
And I Am Your Waiting Sand.
And I Will Wait Forever As
You Come And Smooth My Hand.

I Will Wait Forever, Yet
You Are A Part Of Me.
I Hold You In My Arms, While You
Come To Me Endlessly.

Will You Be My Valentine...?
I Know That I Am Yours.
I Love You With A Love That Yearns
To Be Your Golden Shores...!!!

--- Author Unknown

THROUGH LOVE All That Is Bitter Will Sweet.
THROUGH LOVE All That Is Copper Will Be Gold.
THROUGH LOVE All Dregs Will Turn To Purest Wine
THROUGH LOVE All Pain Will Turn To Medicine.
THROUGH LOVE The Dead Will All Become Alive.
THROUGH LOVE All The King Will Turn Into A Slave ;-)

--- Author Unknown

Perfect Love Is Rare Indeed...
For To Be A Lover Will Require
That You Continually Have
The Subtlety Of The Very Wise,
The Flexibility Of The Child,
The Sensitivity Of The Artist,
The Understanding Of The Philosopher,
The Acceptance Of The Saint,
The Tolerance Of The Scholar And
The Fortitude Of The Certain...!!!

--- Leo Buscaglia

Life is a flower of which love is the honey - Victor Hugo.

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