Friday, May 14, 2010

Be Creative and Experience Newness Every Day

To experience newness each day is to be creative. Sometimes we find things to be very monotonous. There seems to be nothing new that is happening. Days pass on and we tend to become action-conscious only trying to finish the tasks at hand. We feel caught up in the routine not able to enjoy anything anymore. Instead of just doing what has to be done in a monotonous way, we need to take a thought each day to experience something new. There is such a variety in each day, we only have to discover ways of experiencing it. When we learn this creative art, we'll never be bored, but will be able to enjoy everything that comes our way.

~ Brahma Kumaris, Mt Abu

Thursday, May 13, 2010

See Beyond Immediate Circumstances

See beyond immediate circumstances. Clear the decks of old grievances, become free from outdated thinking. Learn from past experiences and move on by tapping inner sources of self-worth and humility. Valuing honesty and commitment, softly let go and enable others to change. There are new horizons, new growth, a new lease of life.

~ Brahma Kumaris, Mt Abu

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Practice Saying YES

To say yes is to have regard for all. When someone expects us to do something that we don't like our usual reaction is to say no and give reasons why we don't want to do it or why we don't agree with what the other person is saying. But it usually happens that once we say no, the other person is no longer able to listen to what we have to say. Instead of saying 'no', we need to practice saying 'yes'. To say yes means to try to understand what the other person is saying. Only after that can we put forth our argument. And then the other person will also give regard to our opinion. This practice will enable us to get good wishes from others and increase our chance for success.

~ Brahma Kumaris, Mt Abu

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pure Feelings Bring Benefits to All of Us

Pure feelings reach out and bring benefit to others. When there is someone who is being negative, we tend to think or speak about the negativity we perceive at that time. To think about negativity is to imbibe a little of that negativity within our mind. Then our mind is no more pure and so whatever thoughts we have for that person don't have any positive influence and there is no benefit for them. If we see someone using some weakness, we need to pay special attention not to think or speak about it. Instead we need to concentrate on some specialty of the other person. This gives them the encouragement to use it. The more we see negative, the more negative they will be with us and the more we see positive the more positive they'll be with us.

~ Brahma Kumaris, Mt Abu.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Develop True Mercy for Others

The one with true mercy fills hope even in the ones who are hopeless. When we see someone who is in need or who is totally negative, a case that is totally hopeless, there are a lot of feelings aroused within us. What we feel is pity or hatred, which are only negative feelings. Such negative thoughts don't help in anyway and the people remain as they are, unable to take any benefit from us. Instead of having pity or hatred we need to develop true mercy for others. To have mercy means to have good wishes with love - combined with hope for them. It is our hope that enables them to develop faith in themselves too. This is the method to bring progress even in the most hopeless case.

~ Brahma Kumaris, Mt Abu.