Friday, December 16, 2011

Specialities makes you co-operate easily !

When you look at the specialities in each one you can easily cooperate with others and receive their cooperation. Each and every individual has something special. If you make the habit of seeing these specialities, you will find that others are able to relate to you with these specialities and you can easily get their cooperation. You will also be able to cooperate with them easily. Think of one person you are not able to cooperate with. Now think of one speciality of that person. Make sure you relate to this speciality whenever you come into contact with this person. As you continue this practice you will find your negativity vanishing away and cooperation becomes easy.

Brahma Kumaris, Mt.Abu

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Get Feedback To Check If Promises Are Delivered !

The gap between what you say and what you do, between what you promise and what you deliver, is like a drain in the road. The drain is where water escapes, just as your power will seep away if there is a difference between your words and your actions. Ask yourself everyday, were your thoughts, words and actions aligned? Ask someone else what they saw in you too. Feedback is the food of all positive change.

Brahma Kumaris, Mt.Abu

Make Some Interesting CHRISTMAS RECIPES !!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thoughtful Positive Quote !

To live in the present is to be free from the influence of the past. Many times the past keeps coming back again and again in the mind, influencing the present too. The present is lost in thinking about the past. So there can be nothing done to enjoy the present. All words and actions then are totally coloured by the past. Instead the one who is able to free himself from the influence of the past is able to move positively towards the future. To be free from the influence of the past it is important to have a powerful consciousness of the present. To be able to be free from the influence of the past is to forget the past. Because there is the understanding that it is gone. Also there is no worry about the future. When we are able to learn to live in the present we are able to discover how full it is of peaceful moments.

~ Brahma Kumaris, Mt Abu.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Humble Positive Words !!

Respect is to recognize and appreciate the unique role of each and everyone.

Each one is unique with his own specialities. When you recognize the role of each one, you can understand that he is playing his part accurately. Then you can acknowledge even the smallest contribution and you'll be free from expectations. When you find yourself having negative thoughts towards any one, make the practice of looking at one speciality in that person and relate to it. Also tell yourself that without the role of this particular person the drama would not be complete. 

Brahma Kumaris, Mt.Abu

Monday, December 12, 2011

Have More Positive Thoughts In Your Mind !

There are times when our crowded lives and minds don't allow space for creativity to emerge. 
For creativity to flow naturally, regularly make quiet time for yourself, to clear and refresh your mind. 
Do nothing other than sit back, relax and let your mind: float freely on a hot-air balloon, swim through a deep blue ocean or soar into the sunset. 

Brahma Kumaris, Mt.Abu