Thursday, April 05, 2012

Concentrate on Positive Thoughts & Feel the Change !!

When you choose to carry the past around, life weighs heavy. 
There's equally too much baggage when you hold on to the uncertainty of tomorrow.
To travel light and enjoy the journey, consolidate all that you've learned from the past and let the rest go. 
Then focus all your energy in the NOW.

Instead of beginning to change things and situations that are going wrong, I need to work at the seed, i.e my thoughts. 
I need to keep my thoughts positive under all circumstances, which will make my actions positive too and I slowly find things changing for the better. 

~   Brahma Kumaris, Mt.Abu

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Start Your Day with Positive Note !

Develop the habit of getting up early and sitting in silence. 

Read a peaceful thought and reflect on it. 
Write down some ideas about this thought. 
Return to silence, allowing these ideas to take root inside you. 
Share your ideas with a person close to you. 

This practice will help you accept and cope with conflicts and difficult situations. It will help you stay happy and peaceful for the rest of the day. 

~   Brahma Kumaris, Mt.Abu.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Try to Find the Positiveness Around You !!

The positive is there, in everything. 
All you need to do is simply look for it!

In every person, the best is there; your opportunity is to recognize it. In every problem, the solution is there; your responsibility is to provide it. In every setback, the success is there; your adventure is to discover it. In every crisis, the reason is there; your challenge is to understand it.

Make it a goal this week is to find it. 

~   Brahma Kumaris, Mt.Abu