Friday, January 27, 2012

Concentrate In Yourself & Your Life !!

You're the star, playing the lead role in the story of your life. However, in addition, you also have roles in many other stories where you're one of the extras or playing a supporting role. 

Not every scene is about you. When it is someone else's scene, try not to draw the focus towards yourself. When invited give your opinion, otherwise keep your opinions in check. When you understand that this is their scene and they're playing it their own way, you're free to concentrate on what you're doing. 

~   Brahma Kumaris, Mt.Abu

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Co-operation Helps Everyone !!

There is a saying that when everyone gave a finger of co-operation, the mountain of sorrow was lifted. If we look at the world of today, and at current social, financial and environmental trends, it's clear that there is widespread suffering and sorrow, that it is likely to get worse, and that to remove this sorrow will be a task like lifting a mountain. Meditation ignites a conviction inside us that the task will be done. Although we have such different backgrounds, cultures, personalities, and so on; meditation shapes our personalities in such a way that it becomes easy for us to share our resources, work together, and give our own finger of co-operation in the task. 

~   Brahma Kumaris, Mt.Abu

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Have Faith in your Work !

Where there is faith, there is victory. 

Faith gives you the power to do your best. Since you free your mind of wasteful thoughts, all your thoughts will be focused only on the task at hand. When you put in your best in this way you'll surely be victorious. Think of one task that you have been finding difficult. Now take a thought in your mind that you will succeed in that task. This thought gives you the power to  do the best without having to worry about the consequences. 

~ Brahma Kumaris, Mt.Abu