Saturday, May 14, 2005

Conversation with God

One of the best ways to remain light, even in the middle of chaos and heaviness, is to keep a conversation with God. Chatting to God, whose responsibilities are unlimited, about trivial matters that are wearing us down gives us a more entertaining view of life. It requires a certain stillness of mind to hear His advice, but with practice we learn to sense His perspective on our minor irritations. Since His mind radiates lightness and love, the very act of opening ourselves up to Him enables us to lighten our burdens.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Learn to Remain Constant and Unaffected.

Observe how easily the day would pass if you were able to move freely without being affected by the negative attitude of others. Imagine how much you can accomplish if you were able to remain constantly in a calm and peaceful state rather than fluctuating, up one minute then down the next. Everytime you lose happiness and go down, just see how much energy is needed to take yourself up again. If you learn to remain constant, not only is energy saved but you will find that your mental strength increases and of course with mental strength and stability come the development and maturity of character. Strength of character depends upon my ability to remain unaffected by adverse circumstances.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Develop Quality of Sweetness

It is fashionable to use humour in a caustic way and to subtly criticize. More often than not, this is hurtful and makes others wary of us. To avoid any kind of bitter tinge to our interactions we need to let go of mistakes – both our own and those of other people – completely. When we have learned to love in a pure way and know how to create positive attitudes at will, we develop the quality of sweetness in our personality. Let our nature become so sweet that we never again disempower anyone or draw attention to their weakness.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Develop Respect for Ourselves

When we learn to respect ourselves, other people will respect us. How can we develop respect for ourselves? By keeping our mind positive and encouraging ourselves to grow and change for the better. Demanding respect because of our position or background is simply arrogance. On the other hand, listening with humility and valuing other people’s advice naturally ears us respect. We get back exactly what we give out.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Secret to Success

The secret to success lies in the balance of remaining firm in the goals we have set, but flexible in the process of realizing them. We need to maintain a balance of responding to situations with a cool head and to people with a warm heart.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Clear Negativity by fill with Positivity

The method to clear the mind of negativity is to fill it with positivity. Whenever we come across waste or negativity in the self because of the situations that we are faced with, we first put in effort to remove it. We do work very hard to do that but most of the times we are not able to do so. We then put in more effort or after a period of time give up trying altogether. The only way to remove negativity is to fill the mind with positivity. Just as fresh water added continuously to dirty water cleanses the water, so also positive thoughts clear the mind of waste and negative thoughts. For this I need to give my mind positive food everyday.