Thursday, October 30, 2008

Be Optimistic And See Positivity Everywhere !

To see only problems is to become the one who only takes service. When there is the practice of seeing only problems in all situations there is the inability to find solutions and act effectively. All the resources that could be used for the benefit of the self and others remain hidden. Such a person becomes dependent on others for finding solutions and a source of pity. When we are caught up with problems and not able to see anything else, we are unable to experience progress. We find ourselves moving backward losing a lot of things we have. We would not be able to retain our self-confidence and would become dependent on others.

~ Brahma Kumaris, Mt Abu.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Be Humble And Try To Be A Giver !

To have humility is to be available for others. To focus not only on the self but on others too brings humility. Such humility allows others to come close. The one who is humble is able to give others what is required. Yet he balances with a certain quietness, so that others don't become too casual and familiar. When we are humble, we are easy and light giving the love that we have within. We are free from the sorrow of expectations. Instead we actually become a reservoir of treasures from where others can take benefit. We are constantly a giver, being available for others.

~ Brahma Kumaris, Mt Abu.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Be Understanding Be Confident !

Understanding brings change. The one who attempts to learn and understand sees things in a new light. Such understanding changes perception of things and there is the expression of a new pattern of behaviour. Negativity is easily removed providing a space for everyone's growth. New actions bring new experience and there is change and progress. We get the commitment to growth, when we are able to covert our understating into action. We are able to bring confidence in our life. Because of our new experience, we are able to be open for further learning too. Life becomes a beautiful journey of growth.

~ Brahma Kumaris, Mt Abu.