Friday, March 04, 2011

Respect Self To Gain Self Respect as a Positive Energy !!

Self-esteem and self-respect are closely connected. One is an integral part of the other. One is not possible without the other. In relationships, when other people are throwing all their negative energy at us, if we can maintain our own self-respect we will be able to remain stable, positive and unaffected. In fact, if our self -respect is strong, we will not feel the need to return the negative energy, which they are sending us, but will be able to return understanding and compassion (sympathy) instead. To regain, build and strengthen our self-respect, we need to practice giving respect to others – no matter what they are like, or what they do. What we rarely realise is that in the process of respecting another, we are first of all respecting ourself. 

What does showing respect look like? Imagine different ways in which you can convey respect to another person. What do you think is the biggest inner barrier to developing the ability to give respect to others? 

~ Brahma Kumaris, Mt. Abu

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Intelligent Lovable Thought !

Learning About Love

As human beings we have the capacity to unite at four levels – physical, mental, intellectual and the spiritual. When we sometimes pick up the thoughts of others and vice versa we experience a unity of thought or a ‘meeting of minds’. This can be love at a mental level. Sometimes we encounter another who ‘feels’ exactly the same as we do, at least they seem to, and so we have a ‘meeting of hearts’. And finally there is the highest form of love or union between two souls. This meeting is not possible unless both souls know and experience themselves as spiritual beings, as souls. Unfortunately, at this time, very few do. Most of us experience ourselves as bodies and consider physical attraction and physical attachment as a form of love. The deepest love is spiritual and it happens when two souls are able to walk in and through each others lives with total freedom. There are no barriers, no expectation, no desire for each other…at all…ever. There is complete transparency and each one is so strong within themselves that no matter what the other may say or do they can never be hurt. Once again this high spiritual destination is not easy to see, let alone reach, simply because our attention and energy has become almost constantly attached ‘down here’ in the physical. All this can be neatly summed up in one question. Do you want to be a rocket or a car? Do you want to continue to mess around down here or raise your conscious awareness up there where the true love is both seen and experienced? 

~ Brahma Kumaris, Mt. Abu


Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Never Get Angry, Its Like a Sin !!

Sin Bin

It's a great idea in sport. Too many fouls and your out of the game for a short period. The same happens in real life, but we are not aware of it.

Sin essentially means forgetfulness, or more specifically, to forget yourself, to forget who you truly are, a pure, peaceful and loving spiritual being who occupies and animates a physical form. It is this forgetfulness that makes us commit what we call sinful action.

If you are insulted by another person, and you become angry in response, the sin is the anger which you create not the insult. You are asleep to the truth that you just hurt yourself, and that you are the creator of your anger not the other person. And now you have a recording in your consciousness that contains an image of the other surrounded by the energy of anger. You put it there, not them. Next time you see them, up comes the anger again, and in that moment you are at your least effective, paralysed by self created anger, you are effectively out of the game until you cool down. Interesting isn't it. Never get angry, at anything, or anyone, anytime. It's a sin!
~ Brahma Kumaris, Mt. Abu


Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Control The Sense of Direction While We Act !!

The forces, which interact to produce the phenomena of world history and geography: souls, matter and the Supreme Soul (God), are threaded by the law of karma. When there is mental communion (connection) with the Supreme, the soul's relationship with matter changes. This means that the internal love-link that the soul has with the Supreme is reflected in the performance of the soul in the material world and in the degree to which the soul has mastery over matter; firstly over the sense organs of the body and through that, over the colors, shapes and sounds of the material world. 

We have continually sought to understand which way to act, but have lost our sense of direction for various reasons :
• We forgot that we were soul-actors. 
• We became lost on the world stage. 
• We became over-identified with our costumes the physical body. 
• We lost sight of the story of the drama. 
• We forgot that we were residents of the soul world. 
• Due to body-consciousness the soul severed (broke) its subtle connection with the Supreme Soul. 

~ Brahma Kumaris, Mt. Abu

Monday, February 28, 2011

Many Qualities can be Attained With Positivity !

Being aware of your identity as a soul through the regular practice of meditation, you connect with your true qualities - peace, love, bliss, power, knowledge, joy, purity and the thoughts you create from this consciousness are positive. 


. The thoughts that arise from your purest and most genuine inner nature are positive. 

. A positive thought brings out the best in you and fills you with enthusiasm. 

. A positive thought always has a beneficial effect, on you, society or the world, and harms no one. 

. A positive thought about yourself boosts your self-confidence and helps you to recognize and appreciate your qualities those of others. 

~ Brahma Kumaris, Mt. Abu