Thursday, February 10, 2005

Have A Fantastic Valentines Day.

DREAMS visit us when we sleep, but commitment wakes us up each day and give us every chance to make our DREAMS come True! Have A Fantastic Valentines Day.

Have A Blessed Valentine Day!

Hear is the weather forecast for today, there shall be showers of blessing all over you and a heavy downpour of God's favor all around you. Have A Blessed Valentine Day!

Happy Valentine Day...!!!

No Sweet Thoughts to forward,
No cute graphics to send,
Just A...CARING HEART saying...
Take Care Always.

Happy Valentine Day!

Do You Love Me Because I Am Beautiful,
Am I Beautiful Because You Love Me?

--- Oscar Hammerstein II, Cinderalla.

Will You Be My Valentine :-) ?

Will You Be My Valentine?
I Know That I Am Yours.
You Are Like A Tossing Aea
And I Am Like Your Shores.

You Are Like An Endless Wave
And I Am Your Waiting Sand.
And I Will Wait Forever As
You Come And Smooth My Hand.

I Will Wait Forever, Yet
You Are A Part Of Me.
I Hold You In My Arms, While You
Come To Me Endlessly.

Will You Be My Valentine...?
I Know That I Am Yours.
I Love You With A Love That Yearns
To Be Your Golden Shores...!!!

--- Author Unknown

THROUGH LOVE All That Is Bitter Will Sweet.
THROUGH LOVE All That Is Copper Will Be Gold.
THROUGH LOVE All Dregs Will Turn To Purest Wine
THROUGH LOVE All Pain Will Turn To Medicine.
THROUGH LOVE The Dead Will All Become Alive.
THROUGH LOVE All The King Will Turn Into A Slave ;-)

--- Author Unknown

Perfect Love Is Rare Indeed...
For To Be A Lover Will Require
That You Continually Have
The Subtlety Of The Very Wise,
The Flexibility Of The Child,
The Sensitivity Of The Artist,
The Understanding Of The Philosopher,
The Acceptance Of The Saint,
The Tolerance Of The Scholar And
The Fortitude Of The Certain...!!!

--- Leo Buscaglia

Life is a flower of which love is the honey - Victor Hugo.

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Have a Lovely Valentines Day

The Best Cosmetic for the lips is Truth, For the Voice is Prayer, for the Eyes is Pity, for the Hands is Charity and for the Heart is a Friend like you. Have a Lovely Valentines Day.

Valentine Gift Messages - Give As a Love.

Excellence is giving the best that you can give, no matter what you are doing. It is an effort guide by a noble purpose. The perfection of the seed is the fruit that grows from it. I practice excellence when I set noble and realistic goals, when I don’t try everything and when I give myself to whatever I do.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Positive Sayings for Valentine Day.

Peace is an inner sense of calmness that can come in moments of silent gratitude. It is a way of stilling the mind whereby you can understand the deeper meaning of things. I practice Peace when I appreciate the differences, when I avoid harming anyone, not only by actions, but by words also, when I find my inner peace through silent meditation and let it carry me gently along day.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Happy Valentines Sayings

Creativity is discovering new ideas, new thoughts that may never have been discovered as a part of me before. It is seeing something in a new way, finding a different way to get something done or to solve a problem. I practice Creativity when I use knowledge and training to develop my gifts, when I have the discipline to practice, when I think of new ways to make things work better. We must always remember each of us has special gifts and should be willing to discover them. We should be happy with ourselves.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Valuable Messages - Give As a Valentine Gift.

Responsibility is being willing to be accountable for what you do and also what you don't do yourself. It means accepting credit when things go well and also correction if things go wrong. It is the ability to respond ably. I practice Responsibility when I take my agreements seriously, focus on what is required by me and not on someone else’s part, when I am ready and willing to clear up misunderstandings. I give my best to all that I do and keep my promises. I welcome praise and correction for my actions.