Friday, October 02, 2009

Fill Positive Thoughts With Power Of Determination !

Determination fills a thought with power. Any thought which is added with determination automatically brings confidence. This confidence naturally fills the thought with power. When there is the thought, 'I can do it', there is surely the power to do it. Then there are no distractions, nor is there any comparison with others. All resources are put to the maximum use and the task is accomplished. When we are able to fill our positive thoughts with the power of determination, we are able to bring all our special thoughts and plans into action immediately. We are able to feel the satisfaction of bringing equality into our thoughts, words and actions. There is no feeling of helplessness, but there is only confidence and courage in doing what we are supposed to do.

~ Brahma Kumaris, Mt Abu.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Inspire Courage In Others And Become Victorious !

True victory lies in inspiring courage in others too. The one who is victorious enables others to be victorious too. Such a person will never make the other person seem any less. He will never allow the other person to feel defeated because the one who is victorious is a bestower. He has the ability to give courage to others and fill others with the hope to achieve something better. This will never let him lose hope in himself or in others and will also win the trust and good wishes of others. So there is a constant experience of being victorious.

~ Brahma Kumaris, Mt Abu.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bring Newness In Your Work For Constant Progress !

To bring newness into actions means to contribute for the betterment of the self and others. There is a constant desire to do something better that makes a contribution to oneself and to others too. So the one who thinks of newness can bring about such a contribution. There will not be something different that can be done. But the same thing can be done in such a way that there is benefit visible. When we are able to bring newness in the way we do things, we are able to experience constant progress. There will also be the satisfaction of bringing about newness and creativity even in ordinary actions. Along with this there will also be the satisfaction of making a contribution in every action of ours.

~ Brahma Kumaris, Mt Abu.