Saturday, January 15, 2005

To make thoughts as pure as the actions is to be truly elevated. There is usually attention on the self not to perform any negative acts. There is also considerable attention not to speak any words that are harmful or negative. But very rarely is there that attention on the thoughts. Because of this a lot of negative thoughts tend to remain in the intellect causing trouble for me. I need to understand the fact that my thoughts form the basis for my words and actions. The more I pay attention to make my thoughts positive, the more it will have a positive impact on my words and actions too.

Friday, January 14, 2005

To be a master is to create positive thoughts under all circumstances. The one who is the master of himself creates the right kind of thoughts according to the circumstance. He is not dependent on situations or people for the right kind of response. Since there is mastery over thoughts, there is also mastery over all words spoken and everything done. When I am able to be a master of myself, I am able to constantly create positive thoughts. I am in touch with the inner resources and I am able to make use of these resources in a timely way. I never get confused or pressurized with outside situations, but am able to be in control in all situations.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

To check and change thoughts and feelings constantly is to ensure positive change. The one who has a constant check on his own thoughts is able to bring about a change in them. So thoughts when changed to positive bring about change in words and behaviour too. There is no negative waste, or even ordinary behaviour. There is speciality revealed in every act. When I am constantly aware of the quality of thoughts I am creating at each moment, I can keep a check on them. My thoughts are not just positive, but powerful too. These powerful thoughts create a positive impact and I experience constant success.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

To be pure is to become an instrument to spread positivity. The one who is pure and clean inside is the one who reflects his purity through his words and actions. Such a person's thoughts are powerful having a positive impact on the thoughts of others too. There is such clarity inside that others are able to take inspiration from him to do what is right. When I am honest with myself, I become more and more pure and clear inside. This purity reveals the power of truth and I get all the more powerful. I don't allow anything negative to influence me and take away my inner purity. This purity becomes a source of powerful inspiration for everyone around.