Friday, February 25, 2011

Control Your Anger & Think Clear !

Anger usually means you are running on autopilot. Auto pilot is a mechanical system used to guide an aircraft without assistance from a human being. When you are angry, instead of controlling your conscious thoughts and actions yourself, you are allowing your subconscious habits of beliefs and perceptions (understanding) to control them. The mental action of creating anger itself becomes a habit. It also displays a mental and emotional laziness, and when it happens you have less intelligence than a robot. It's impossible to think clearly and make accurate decisions when you are angry. 

In order to free your self from the anger habit you will need to take three important steps:

1. understand why anger is extremely unhealthy.

2. accept responsibility for your anger, in whatever form it takes, at all times and in all situations.

3. be prepared to expose, challenge and change the beliefs and perceptions you hold, which are the cause of your anger and creating your emotional pain. 

~ Brahma Kumaris, Mt. Abu

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Power of Enchanting & Meditation !

A human being is soul and body, spirit and matter, working together co-operatively. The body is like the hardware of a computer and the spiritual energy, the soul, is a tiny chip of light, where all things are recorded. When we go into introspective (deep) silence, it is in this chip of light, which is actually a point of light energy that we can remember and rediscover.

The tiny chip of invisible light starts to work effectively when it plugs into its original consciousness and reactivates those original qualities, which enable the soul to work and express itself naturally. The connection is achieved through the power of concentrated thought; this is called 'consciousness of the soul'. The process of experiencing 'soul consciousness' is carried out in meditation: gathering all the thoughts of the mind, creating one concentrated thought and very gently running inwards in order to make the connection with the original self, the soul.

To take those first steps in gathering the thoughts, we use the positive consciousness of ‘I am', or what is called 'Om Shanti' consciousness. 'Om' means 'I am', with the deeper meaning that 'I am a peaceful soul'. With this awareness, there comes the experience of one's original spiritual identity. 

~ Brahma Kumaris, Mt. Abu

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Try to control the dangerous emotion yourself !

Anger is one of the most dangerous emotions, but one of the easiest to understand. 
However, before we understand its origins and causes, it is important to remind ourselves that it is always our own creation. It is an emotion which we create as part of our response to what we perceive (understand) is happening around us. As we shall see, no one can actually make us angry, although, like all our other emotional states, it seems as if they do. Anger is also a very painful emotion and we are suffering when we create it. And yet many people believe it is good to be angry sometimes. They even think it is healthy. But the truth is, the evidence has been increasing for some time that anger kills - it is directly connected to heart disease and cancer, and there are now many clinics, which treat patients’ physical illnesses by helping them understand and transform (change) their anger.

~ Brahma Kumaris, Mt. Abu

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Share Happiness To Get More !

Happiness increases when given to others. 

We usually expect others to give happiness to us. We rarely ever think of giving happiness to others. We don't usually get what we expect because the other person is also expecting the same from us. Whatever the kind of person we only have to make sure that we continue to give happiness to others without any expectations. For this we have to increase our own treasure of happiness by continuing to be happy under all circumstances. 

~ Brahma Kumaris, Mt. Abu