Thursday, December 16, 2004

Our spiritual well being can be measured by the quality of our inner peace, our ability to create stillness at will and our capacity to radiate love from our heart into the world. Unfortunately it seems we have decamped from our hearts and moved to take up residence in our minds. We have become unendingly busy, creating thoughts filled with worry, anxiety, frequent frustrations and rising levels of anger. Like the layers of an onion these mental and emotional states gradually accumulate and suppress our spiritual heart. Negative mind sets to starve our physical heart and our everyday relationships of the oxygen of love. Busy minds also lead to busy and tired bodies. Perhaps this is why we now see meditation enjoying a rising tide of interest and practice. Meditation is the oldest and most effective way to quieten the mind, release past hurts, be fully present to know the joy of the moment, transform the quality of our thinking and begin the healing of our heart from inside out.

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