Monday, January 03, 2005

It hasn't been a good ending for humanity this year.
Lets join and oray for those who have lost everything.
It feels painful to wish New Year When so many are in distress,
but life has to go on.
May God give you all the happiness you need.

With the practice of meditation comes the growing ability to know and do the right thing. Wisdom is the awareness and application of what is true, in the right way, at the right time, tempered and made appropriate by experience. For e.g, while it may be right to speak honestly about our feelings to someone, if we know from experience others sensitivities to our emotions, we may decide to delay our sharing to a moment that feels more appropriate. On the other hand we may sense that for another it is good to confront their actions using questions in order to help them to see and break a pattern which is obviously leading to an unwanted outcome.The inner act of drawing together our experience with the our perception of the others state, with our own awareness of what is right, while seeing the future effects of our actions requires a calm mind, a clear and clean intellect and the confidence to act with conviction. Meditation calms, sharpens and facilitates our ability to integrate these various factors prior to action, not just sitting in quiet corner in some lotus position but eventually, with practice, in a split second, in real life real time situations.

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