Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Free from Seeing Negativity...

To be free from seeing negativity in others is to constantly maintain zeal and enthusiasm. Whenever one is busy with watching only what others are doing, one is caught up in the trap of negativity. There is so much of focus on only negativity that there is only carelessness which only takes away all enthusiasm and hence there is no appreciation of whatever comes up in life and there is no ability to enjoy the beauty of it. When I see others' negativity in a detached way, I am able to recognize the fact that to be careless means to lose out on the chance of making the best of the available resources. So this gives me the inspiration to be free from negativity myself and also there is the silent wish for others too to be free from it. So, I always maintain my zeal and enthusiasm and enjoy each and every moment of my life.

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