Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Power of Transformation for Positive Thinking...!!!

Because of having the sanskars of wasteful thoughts, you increased the duration of the situation. When you have wasteful thoughts, you understand that they are wasteful, but just as there is great force of a river or an ocean, so the flow of wasteful thoughts is so fast that they pull you. No matter how much you try to stop them, they still continue to flow. You understand and you also think that it is not right; you understand that it causes a great loss, but you still continue to allow them to flow. What is the reason for this? The lack of the power to transformation.

The transformation of your nature is the second. You even understand that your nature is not right, and that it deceives you from time to time. You understand this, but even then, you come under the influence of your nature.

~Brahma Kumaris, Mt. Abu.

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