Friday, September 28, 2007

Make Positive Improvement In Your Attitude Towards Any Situation !

Our children, our work, are they a burden or a responsibility? If our responsibilities become burdens then it would seem that we are not content with our circumstances, and are hoping for a change. For things to be different there has to be a change whether in a gross way like change in location, or in a subtle, more meaningful way - change in attitude. For e.g. if you are given a job and told to complete it in 15 mins with no reason given for the job, your responsibility becomes a burden. Then you find out that the work is for a person whom you are extremely fond of, your attitude changes and your responsibility is no longer a burden; out of love you will finish the work faster.

With change in attitude there is improvement in every situation. Sometimes it only takes a thought to create a change in attitude, it is like a key. We often forget to use the keys we have. See how many keys you have to unlock the treasures of personality and use them as required. It is better to have responsibilities than burdens.

~ Brahma Kumaris, Mt. Abu.

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