Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Definitions Of Meditation - Part 2

We can define meditation as the following 'Rs':  (..continued)

5. Relearning
As we become free by practicing meditation we begin to respect ourselves and relearn what it means to value our self, our life and our existence in this great play 
of life. Forgotten truths appear and a new education of the self begins. 

6. Rediscovering
As we relearn, we rediscover our spiritual values and resources and, realizing they were always there, we resolve to use these silent inner treasures, which are the foundation of a better quality of life. 

7. Restoring
As we begin to rediscover our inner spiritual treasures by meditating (explained yesterday) and we start using them, our original strengths and qualities are restored. There is a transition (change) in consciousness enabling confidence and self-esteem to become a natural way of being. 

8. Recharging
The leap of consciousness that occurs when we connect with our inner spiritual self, is a powerful way of recharging the energies of the human mind. The mind is filled with a deep tranquility (peacefulness) that flows into our thoughts and is then reflected in our words and actions. A world of new vision opens where there 
is self-mastery and acceptance of life as it is. 


~ Brahma Kumaris, Mt Abu.

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