Thursday, March 03, 2011

Intelligent Lovable Thought !

Learning About Love

As human beings we have the capacity to unite at four levels – physical, mental, intellectual and the spiritual. When we sometimes pick up the thoughts of others and vice versa we experience a unity of thought or a ‘meeting of minds’. This can be love at a mental level. Sometimes we encounter another who ‘feels’ exactly the same as we do, at least they seem to, and so we have a ‘meeting of hearts’. And finally there is the highest form of love or union between two souls. This meeting is not possible unless both souls know and experience themselves as spiritual beings, as souls. Unfortunately, at this time, very few do. Most of us experience ourselves as bodies and consider physical attraction and physical attachment as a form of love. The deepest love is spiritual and it happens when two souls are able to walk in and through each others lives with total freedom. There are no barriers, no expectation, no desire for each other…at all…ever. There is complete transparency and each one is so strong within themselves that no matter what the other may say or do they can never be hurt. Once again this high spiritual destination is not easy to see, let alone reach, simply because our attention and energy has become almost constantly attached ‘down here’ in the physical. All this can be neatly summed up in one question. Do you want to be a rocket or a car? Do you want to continue to mess around down here or raise your conscious awareness up there where the true love is both seen and experienced? 

~ Brahma Kumaris, Mt. Abu


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