Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Know Your Real Value, Not From Outside, But Inside !!

If you set your sense of self worth (value) on your position, pay and material possessions, you will not have real self-esteem. All of these things come and go, sometimes at the most unexpected moments. This is why almost every single human being from corporate leaders to househusbands, from Kings to college students are not able to have constantly high self esteem. We are all taught by our society, that worth (value) is measured by rank, quantity of possessions and the amount of monetary (financial) income. Dangerous! It creates a life of sorrow and unhappiness mixed with temporary happiness. You cannot allow your self-esteem to be defined by your work, your capabilities at work, your salary level etc. True internal self-esteem comes for realizing the self as a soul and experiencing its virtues (qualities) and specialties. 

What external factors is your self-esteem based on? If real wealth is not money or possessions what is real wealth? What could you start doing tomorrow that may help you transfer your sense of self esteem from something you do or have outside yourself, to something that you are inside? 

~ Brahma Kumaris, Mt Abu.

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